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Happy New Year and Our Hopes for 2015


Hello and Happy New Year to all of our friends and loyal brands we have worked with over this past two and a half years.  Hard to believe, but this will be our third year working together as Linked Moms community. We are so proud of this beautiful community we have built. We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has been with us from the start and welcome to the newcomers who are excited about joining us this year. 2015 will be an amazing year for us!

twitter party hosts

These are a few of the brands and causes we have worked with in the past year.

Linked Moms (and Dads) are savvy and smart and they want information. We know our readers well and they are a passionate bunch who love to read. Linked Moms and Dads are somewhat nostalgic when it comes to certain brands like Kisko. Remember that twitter party over a year ago? It was a ton of fun. We are also a batch of informed consumers hungry for knowledge. We joined together to learn about Staples Canada’s back to school products last year. Our Linked Moms and Dads make smart choices with their money and they enjoy learning about new products. They love travelling and they really have big hearts.

twitter party hosts

twitter party hosts


One of our most successful chats was centred around tax season with our special guest, owner of Shoebox Be Gone dishing our thoughts on how to save money and maximize deductions for bloggers and self employed business people.

This past year, in 2014, we did several great twitter parties and chats. Some of the most memorable topics were focused on health care – infertility, adoption and poverty are incredibly close to the hearts of both Margarita Ibbott and myself (Paula Schuck). Paula travelled around the world and attended a media familiarization trip in Puerto Vallarta and then flew all over Colombia with World Vision Canada before chronicling the journey on her blog and then running World Vision Canada’s blogger outreach program, which culminated in a Linked Moms twitter party for their annual Christmas gift catalogue. You can read some of Paula’s World Vision Colombia posts here.

twitter party hosts


We are both Moms to kids with special needs. We have a wealth of knowledge about social media, bloggers, health, education and parenting. We both love to read and travel. This year we attended Blissdom together again. I also attended Blogher in California in the summer and I hit Mom 2.0 for the first time ever in May. We have some conferences and personal education opportunities to look forward to again this year. We hope to see some of you again and meet some of you in person for the first time.

In the summer we hosted a Simon and Schuster summer slide twitter party.


In the spring we did a constant group of health care related topics with several patients groups focused on raising awareness for infertility, IVF, adoption and EEVA1stBC. We are very committed to building a better world for children and our conversations on line are often centred on using social media for social good. That will never change here at Linked Moms. It is part of our mission and a huge part of each of our daily lives. In 2014, our year culminated in a meaningful gifts twitter party that helped amplify discussion about child poverty and the brilliant goals of World Vision Canada.


twitter party hosts

Twitter party hosts

In 2015 we plan to bring the same combination of smart topics and brands to our readers. When you join us, or hire us, you know you will get a well planned party with consistent promotions. You get the Linked Moms package. We are professional, passionate and dedicated.


For more information, or to book a time to talk about our packages you can contact Paula at


Otherwise follow us on line for more information. We love to share.

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