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RSVP for #ParkbridgeLife Twitter Party April 15 at 8 p.m. EST

Parkbridge Lifestyle Resprts

Parkbridge Lifestyle Resorts

The weather is ever so slowly giving way to April showers, and you know what that means?? It’s almost time to get booking your cottages and camp sites so you don’t miss out on that beautiful short summer vacation season when all is right with the world in Canada and the snow is a distant memory. Happily, it is also time for you to RSVP for a twitter party so you can learn more about Parkbridge Resorts and Lifestyle Communities.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communties

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities

Parkbridge, Canada’s leading owner and operator of land lease communities believes in affordable, comfortable and secure places to live, vacation and retire. Parkbridge has four types of properties: Cottage & RV Resorts, Retirement Communities, Family Lifestyle Communities & Marinas. Both Margarita and I took our families to Lakes of Wasaga last year during the summer so we have first hand experience with how much fun your family can have at Parkbridge Resorts. From mini golfing to special event dinners and corn roasts, to swimming, exploring and using a paddle boat on the lake at Lakes of Wasaga, Parkbridge has no shortage of things to keep your entire family active. At the same time, you can easily also just curl up with a good book and rest poolside or on the patio absorbing the peaceful surroundings. There are so many ways to enjoy Parkbridge Resorts.


Looking to get away this summer at an affordable price? Check out the resorts section on the Parkbridge Life web site and browse the map, or search resorts by name: http://www.parkbridge.com/en-ca/Pages/CottageRVResorts.aspx

There are amenities for people of all ages and each community is unique in what it offers. Stay a week, a month, an entire summer or a whole season from April through to Thanksgiving. You can rest easy, relaxing all summer long when you know your property is being well maintained by the team at Parkbridge. Because you either rent, or lease your property the grass will be cut and the cabin clean and safe, whether you are in it or at home away from the cottage. Parkbridge is an affordable means of owning a cottage. Parkbridge resorts and communities are located in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, British Colombia and Ontario. And you’ll breathe even easier knowing that the resorts are among the best managed and most affordable getaways in Canada.

You can learn more about Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities this month at our Linked Moms twitter party April 15 at 8 p.m. EST. There are $1200 worth of prizes!! The grand prize is a three night stay at one of the Parkbridge Resort communities. There are also several Visa credit cards to win. RSVP now for the possibility of winning a prize. The grand prize will be a three night stay at one of the many Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities in Canada.

Eligibility Rules are here: Read them so you don’t lose out.

Please remember to show Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities some love on their social channels:

Twitter – @ParkbridgeLife

Facebook – Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities.

and follow the hosts as well for a chance to win.




We can’t wait to share this with you! See you there! Remember to RSVP with your twitter handle. And this particular party, the prizes are only open to Canadians.

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