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Chicago Here We Come #Blogher13

Well, it’s almost time girls and boys! For months, we Linked Moms have been planning our conference season around Blogher ’13 and our trip to Chicago, so tonight on Twitter our #linkedmoms chat will be all about Chicago. Now, @inkscrblr – that’s me – has never ever been to Chicago. But last year’s conference as a blogher newbie was pretty spectacular in New York City so Paula (that’s me) is wondering how Chicago will even come close to topping that. But Margarita Ibbott who works in Chicago routinely tells me, it is all that and then some. So tonight we dish about Chicago and conferences. Klout routinely tells me that @downshiftingpro is an expert on Chi-town and therefore we are fortunate to have a chance to pick her brain tonight. Are you a blogger? Are you coming to Chicago for the first time? Then take a moment at 8 p.m. EST and join us on Twitter to ask her what there is to see? What should you definitely not miss? What are the important landmarks and vistas that you need to take pictures of? What should one take to Chicago? Any culinary hotspots? Legendary dishes the town is famous for? What should you pack? Killer heels? Flats? What’s the skinny on all things conference and all things Chicago? Join us at 8 p.m. #linkedmoms EST to find out. 

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