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Fitness Goals for the Season and a #giveaway

Well the temperatures have finally started to climb and the winter clothing is coming off. Wait a second, this is a family friendly blog! Don’t go getting too excited! What I mean to say is hurray for spring the time when you put the bulky winter sweaters and coats away, clean your closet and find what’s that? Nothing fits? Spring cleaning and fitness go together in my mind because there’s nothing quite like that seasonal wardrobe overhaul to realize the spring clothing doesn’t look quite the way it did last year. So, what’s a gal to do? Well, she turns to her friends and family on Twitter and Facebook and throws down a fitness challenge.

This week on Linked Moms we are talking all about fitness. So bring your ideas, best intentions and even your delayed resolutions and tell us what are you doing to get fit this season? At my house, my entire family is well versed in the active fit way of life. My girls Payton and Ainsley, are active. My husband is a fitness and nutrition snob, and has been for the last year. He tsk tsk’s when I buy potato chips or some other snack that he can’t resist. Anyways, my point is that we’ve all been active for a long time here at my house. But over the winter, I have found five pounds on my butt and my hips that I can’t quite shake. Fitness after 40, well that’s a whole other ball game as far as I am concerned. So, this is me renewing my commitment to fitness. The year has been epic busy here. No question, I am managing mutliple clients and the social media management business has never been better. But that also means I find a litle less time to get out the door and into the gym to hit the machines, or join the pilates class that was a very regular part of my routine. So for my fitness challenge this season I chose the squat challenge. Simply put it’s 30 days of squats. Each day gets progressively harder and by end of month (I am guessing that’s very liberal and really should probably be 2-3 months) my butt and thighs should be stronger and less jiggly let’s say. You can read more about it and see the graphic of how to do squats over on thriftymommastips.com.

Where can you learn more? Well, join the chat tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Twitter and tell us your goals. In the meantime also pop by my blog thriftymommastips to win a $100 gift card to Lululemon. Good luck. See you tonight! Follow the hashtag #linkedmoms

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