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Trick or Treat #Halloween #LinkedMoms chat

Halloween is right around the corner! So what better topic for this evening’s Linked Mom’s chat. Will you be dressing up? Are your kids the right age to trick or treat still? Are yours, like mine, tweens who keep suggesting they will take pillowcases out to collect goodies this year? That, by the way, is a personal Halloween etiquette faux pas for me. It makes me want to hold back on dishing out the big candy bars and Kindereggs when I see older children carrying pillow cases. Something about that never makes me feel good. Anyways, there is so much to talk about on Halloween. Do you give out candy? Do you donate money to UNICEF? Do you keep the candy? Do you ration it? Do you give out toothbrushes? Home-made treats? Do you stay home and hand out the goodies? How do you juggle the funniest night of the year? Do you get right into it like my one neighbour does? I have one neighbour who sits on the patio in full costume and is very still like a statue until my daughter knocks on the door and then he moves and scares her into a near cardiac event. That never gets old.
This week join the #linkedmoms chat on Wednesday as we tackled the frightful topic of Halloween. This is my daughter, Payton, clowning at Target. By the way, they have some of the absolute most adorable fun foam wigs you’ve ever seen. The Linked Moms chats occur almost every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST. Sometimes we have a sponsor and sometimes we don’t. Every so often we have a flurry of prizes to share with you also. Join us this week and let’s talk about our little boys and ghouls. Cue the creepy music!


Linked Moms Welcomes @optimom for Anxiety Chat


One in five people have a mental health illness. Of that number, a very high percentage are diagnosed with various types of anxiety. Anxiety is a tricky mental health diagnosis with multiple different faces and many approaches. From children to adults, anxiety can target anyone. It can be paralyzing, or in healthy doses it can fuel a desire to excel at a sport, career, or presentation. So how do you know when anxiety is our of control? How do you know how and when to treat anxiety? Does anxiety run in families? You betcha. So how does an anxious parent help control a child’s anxiety when they can’t manage their own worry?


Simply put anxiety is the result when worry gets too big. Our own @inkscrblr Paula Schuck wrote a piece about anxiety last year for Today’s Parent and has personal experience in her family with managing and treating anxiety. But tonight we welcome Laurel Crossley-Byers, aka @optimom. Crossley-Byers is a Schuck family not so secret weapon! Opti-Mom is a bit of a social media rockstar. She tweets at Optimom. Her web site is here: http://www.opti-mom.ca/ and she has a strong presence on Facebook and other media too. She is a life coach, TV host and speaker. Fondly called Auntie Laurel by the kids she helps via Skype and in person, Laurel has a quirky humorous side and occasionally peppers her tweets with affectionate: Kittens and Tee Hees and Snorts. Laurel is a one woman dynamo who has helped many people of all ages tackle anxiety and stress. She instructs classes on meditation occasionally as well.

Laurel is a mom of two and she has an amazing insight into how to calm the anxieties of tweens and teens. She works often with gifted children and children who have a variety of special needs and talents. We can’t wait to learn more from Laurel tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Tee Hee!

Don’t forget to follow @downshiftingpro @inkscrblr @linkedmoms and @optimom to take part in this chat. Follow along on twitter with #linkedmoms hashtag. See you there 8 p.m. EST.

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