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Be a Parkbridge Resorts Summer Hero – Win a Mini Stay – RSVP NOW for April 26.

This summer be a summer hero with Parkbridge Resorts. There’s a lot to love about summer. Longer days and better weather, plus so many long weekends. But what should you do if you haven’t started any of the planning for all those long weekends yet? Well don’t worry we are going to tell you just why you still have time and really should consider a gorgeous rental at Parkbridge Resorts as your summer backdrop to a lifetime of great memories.


The Lakes of Wasaga cabins are heated, safe, clean and family friendly. You can easily spend a week or two there as many have fully stocked kitchen areas. A family could easily sleep 5 to 6 in some of the cabins. At Lakes of Wasaga there are many nearby stores if you need to run out and grab some food to cook in the well equipped kitchen.

 Parkbridge has options to purchase a cabin as well. You can rent, or buy which makes this a really appealing way to manage a yearly family vacation or an entire season of glamping. There are options for people of all ages and each Parkbridge community is unique. Stay a week, a month, an entire summer or longer.

Part of the beauty of a Parkbridge vacation is knowing you can rest all summer long.

If you have ever contemplated cottage ownership but worried about upkeep, well here you have much less to worry about that way. At Parkbridge your home away from home is taken care of when you are away.

You can learn more about Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities this week at our Linked Moms twitter party April 26 at 8 p.m. EST. There are more than $1200 worth of prizes!! RSVP now for the possibility of winning a prize. The grand prize will be a three night stay at Lakes of Wasaga. There are 3 VISA gift cards as well.

Follow along right away with #ParkbridgeLife hashtag on Twitter.

Follow Parkbridge Resorts on Twitter too.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017
  • Time: 8:00pm -9:00pm EST
  • Hosts@ParkbridgeLife
  • Co-Hosts: @LinkedMoms Star  @Inkscrblr  Star   @DownshiftingPRO
  • Questions@LinkedMoms
  • Hashtag: #ParkbridgeLife
  • Prizing eligibility: Star Canada Only Star Over $1,200 in prizing
  • ONE 3 Night MINI STAY at Parkbridge’s Lakes of Wasaga Resort and 3 $50 Visa Gift Cards will be awarded.

We are working with Parkbridge Life again this year to share their great accommodation options with readers. As such we are compensated. Please join us for a great chat on Wednesday night!!


Linked Moms Parkbridge Life Twitter Party April 26, 2017 Save The Date

Spring is in full swing here and that always gets us thinking about summer travel plans. It’s time to get plotting out your summer schedule. Because summer is over in the blink of an eye and summer memories are precious. So, let the planning begin and grab hold of summer for all its worth this year!

As always we have some amazing prizes to giveaway during the party. One grand prize winner will leave the party with their own mini stay at Lakes of Wasaga (3 nights). Now trust us when we say that Lakes of Wasaga is the perfect Parkbridge Resort to make summer memories at. We love it year round and have visited in summer and winter months. Parkbridge gives new meaning to the word GLAMPING.

Don’t get caught this year without a summer plan! Parkbridge has amazing options for families and couples too. Summer is a sweet time to share memories and enjoy all the amazing activities offered at Parkbridge Resorts. Summer travel planning doesn’t have to be hard with Parkbridge Resorts.

Follow along right away with #ParkbridgeLife hashtag on Twitter.

Follow Parkbridge Resorts on Twitter too.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017
  • Time: 8:00pm -9:00pm EST
  • Hosts@ParkbridgeLife
  • Co-Hosts: @LinkedMoms Star  @Inkscrblr  Star   @DownshiftingPRO
  • Questions@LinkedMoms
  • Hashtag: #ParkbridgeLife
  • Prizing eligibility: Star Canada Only Star Over $1,200 in prizing
  • RSVP to follow soon!! This is your save the date notice only.

We are working with Parkbridge Life again this year to share their great accommodation options with readers, and as such we are compensated. Stay tuned for the RSVP page soon and more details!!

Save the Date for World Vision Canada #WorldVisionWater Twitter Party Tuesday, May 3 @ 8PM ET


  The year we are once again partnering with World Vision Canada to discuss another important issue: Water.  Globally 663 million people do not have access to clean water.  We take for granted how easy it is to access water in our daily lives.  We go to the bathroom, the kitchen even out outdoor taps in the summer to access water quickly and easily.  That is not the case for millions of families around the world.   World Vision Canada has taken on a 5 year project to invest $400 million to help tackle the global water crisis.  The goal is to provide accessibility to clean water!

World Vision asked a few Canadian influencers to take the World Vision Water Challenge and see if their families could go with minimal use of water in one day… one day.  You can read more about how Merry Spooner Kuchle of Merry About Town did the one tap all day challenge with her family or how Tammy of In R Dream did the World Vision water challenge with her family of six! Read more about her experience here: Opening Our Eyes. A couple more will also have stories to share before the part

We all have the ability to make a change even in incremental ways.  We would love for you to join us to learn more about The World Vision Water Challenge May 3rd at 8 p.m. EST.

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Time:  8 pm ET

Hosts:  @inkscrblr @WorldVisionCan @linkedmoms and @DownshiftingPRO

Guests:   @Merry120 as well as @MOMEO and @INRDream.

Hashtag:  #worldvisionwater


A few more facts about World Vision Canada Clean Water gifts:

  • Clean Water gifts range from $25 to $50 a month and they make a dramatic impact.
  • Every minute a child under five dies from diarrhea related to contaminated water.
  • Children lead healthier lives and child death rates dramatically decrease due to a decline in diseases caused by unclean water, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene
  • When children and families have access to clean water, it transforms every aspect of their lives. Together with improved sanitation and proper hygiene, clean water brings real change.
  • Sustainability is a goal for WVC projects.
  • World Vision provides more people with clean water than any other NGO.

We hope to see you there May 3rd at 8 p.m. EST. And please take a moment to visit http://www.worldvision.ca/

Please join us May 3rd for a #worldvisionwater @worldvisioncan twitter chat. 8 p.m. EST.

Remember the hashtag #worldvisionwater and stay tuned for more information about this important topic. Please consider how you can make an impact on someone else’s life with the gift of clean water.

Win a 3 Night Mini Stay at a Parkbridge Resort Twitter Party Announcement #ParkbridgeLife



You know that old saying – April showers bring May flowers? Well this year we’ve had some early showers. We think that means summer is coming early too! SO, we intend to be prepared and we hope to get you in the mood for planning your summer vacation soon too with this Parkbridge Life twitter party.

Have you started the planning yet? Where will you go? What will you do? Are you a cottage person? Do you enjoy staying right on the water, near a marina? How will you build great summer vacation memories with your family?

Join us April 13th to discuss building great summer vacation memories. Our sponsor is Parkbridge Resorts and Lifestyle Communities

The hashtag is #ParkbridgeLife Our grand prize is a three night mini stay at one of Parkbridge Resorts properties. That’s worth about $1,000. We also have three $50 Visa gift cards to share too!!

We can’t wait to see you there.

Follow all the Twitter handles below and follow the hashtag #ParkbridgeLife the night of the party. Now start thinking about your summer vacation plans and your summer vacation style and we will see you in April!

RSVP below! Mark the date on your calendar now!

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Time: 8:00pm -9:00pm ET
Hosts: @ParkbridgeLife
Co-Hosts: @LinkedMoms @Inkscrblr @DownshiftingPRO
Questions: @LinkedMoms
Hashtag: #ParkbridgeLife
Prizing eligibility: Canada Only  – $1,200 in prizing
RULES posted on the Parkbridge website.


Save-The-Date for World Vision Canada & @LinkedMom #MeaningfulGifts Twitter Party–Wed. Nov.18 at 8 pm



They are here, they are here.  I could not be more excited about my special gifts.  I have once again given my family Christmas gifts (#MeaningfulGifts) from World Vision Canada and I could not be any happier!  I wrote last week about deciding to making my donations count by working again with World Vision Canada. I love the idea that my donations will be matched by the Government of Canada and other partners to make them bigger gifts than what I just contributed.  So I wisely chose my gifts and donated money toward the Helping the Syrian Crisis, Textbooks for Children and Feed Children and Families for 30 days.  

WorldVisionCanada Gift Catalogue_Syrian Crisis

WorldVisionCanada Gift Catalogue_Textbooks  WorldVisionCanada Gift Catalogue_Feed Hungry Children and Families

Today I received the Christmas cards and the gift cards that I can put under the tree or mail off to my family to let them know that this is how I chose to gift them this year.  I love that each donations comes with a card that I can personalize as well as an explanation card that lets my recipient know what the donations is. 


The card lets me know that I have given the gift of knowledge, hope and so much more!  This gift impacts thousand upon thousands of children and families in over 50 countries.  You can make a lasting impact when you decided to give a meaningful gift.  Did you want to learn more about the work that World Vision Canada is doing?  You can join us for a Twitter Party where we will be discussing the different gifts and their impact on communities throughout Canada and the World.


Make sure to follow all the Twitter handles below and follow the #MeaningfulGifts hashtag!  See you in a few weeks.

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Time: 8:00pm -9:00pm EST

RSVP – Join @LinkedMoms September 2 To Learn More About #TrymesterAPP – Grand Prize is An iPad Mini

Red heart Save the Date  Red heart



At LinkedMoms, we have been big advocates of facing fertility and infertility issues head on.  Being able to have frank and open conversations about fertility and infertility issues faced by Canadians is important to us.  We are happy to keep adding to the conversation with a new APP.  Trymester is an app that contains tools that will help you on the journey to becoming a parent.  It has an ovulation tracker, calendar, reproductive health facts and terms, a fertility journal and a clinic locator.

We are in 2015 and the ability to use and app to help you track important information that would help with you be a parent should not surprise you.  What may surprise you is the ease of use and intuitive functionality of this app.  When you make the decision to become a parent the road can be easy, challenging on hard but there is no question, having an app that keeps track of all those important elements that you need to keep track of, is important. 

We are all about sharing new and interesting tools to deal with infertility and we are happy to be hosting a Twitter Party for the #TrymesterAPP on Wednesday, September 2 at 8 pm ET. 

RSVP BELOW and then don’t forget to leave your handle for a chance to win an iPad mini to be given away after the party itself. Trymester App is one of the best fertility apps I have seen for Canadians.

So this coming September 2nd at 8 p.m. Join us for more information and for a great twitter party about Trymester APP and there might be a few fertility facts thrown in there too. You must be present and engaging during the party to win. You can’t win if you don’t participate. Follow the hosts twitter handles below, and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #TrymesterAPP to win on Sept. 2nd.

Download it here on your iPad which makes sense because you take your iPad with you when you visit the doctor, right? Most people have a smart phone or iPad with them at the doctor’s office. In the future Trymester will hopefully be available for Android or smartphone but for now it is on the iPad:  http://apple.co/1I7XBXG

In the mean time follow @Linkedmoms @downshiftingpro and @inkscrblr and our guest@TrymesterAPP.


You can RSVP here and now:

RSVP for #ParkbridgeLife Twitter Party April 15 at 8 p.m. EST

Parkbridge Lifestyle Resprts

Parkbridge Lifestyle Resorts

The weather is ever so slowly giving way to April showers, and you know what that means?? It’s almost time to get booking your cottages and camp sites so you don’t miss out on that beautiful short summer vacation season when all is right with the world in Canada and the snow is a distant memory. Happily, it is also time for you to RSVP for a twitter party so you can learn more about Parkbridge Resorts and Lifestyle Communities.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communties

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities

Parkbridge, Canada’s leading owner and operator of land lease communities believes in affordable, comfortable and secure places to live, vacation and retire. Parkbridge has four types of properties: Cottage & RV Resorts, Retirement Communities, Family Lifestyle Communities & Marinas. Both Margarita and I took our families to Lakes of Wasaga last year during the summer so we have first hand experience with how much fun your family can have at Parkbridge Resorts. From mini golfing to special event dinners and corn roasts, to swimming, exploring and using a paddle boat on the lake at Lakes of Wasaga, Parkbridge has no shortage of things to keep your entire family active. At the same time, you can easily also just curl up with a good book and rest poolside or on the patio absorbing the peaceful surroundings. There are so many ways to enjoy Parkbridge Resorts.


Looking to get away this summer at an affordable price? Check out the resorts section on the Parkbridge Life web site and browse the map, or search resorts by name: http://www.parkbridge.com/en-ca/Pages/CottageRVResorts.aspx

There are amenities for people of all ages and each community is unique in what it offers. Stay a week, a month, an entire summer or a whole season from April through to Thanksgiving. You can rest easy, relaxing all summer long when you know your property is being well maintained by the team at Parkbridge. Because you either rent, or lease your property the grass will be cut and the cabin clean and safe, whether you are in it or at home away from the cottage. Parkbridge is an affordable means of owning a cottage. Parkbridge resorts and communities are located in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, British Colombia and Ontario. And you’ll breathe even easier knowing that the resorts are among the best managed and most affordable getaways in Canada.

You can learn more about Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities this month at our Linked Moms twitter party April 15 at 8 p.m. EST. There are $1200 worth of prizes!! The grand prize is a three night stay at one of the Parkbridge Resort communities. There are also several Visa credit cards to win. RSVP now for the possibility of winning a prize. The grand prize will be a three night stay at one of the many Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities in Canada.

Eligibility Rules are here: Read them so you don’t lose out.

Please remember to show Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities some love on their social channels:

Twitter – @ParkbridgeLife

Facebook – Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities.

and follow the hosts as well for a chance to win.




We can’t wait to share this with you! See you there! Remember to RSVP with your twitter handle. And this particular party, the prizes are only open to Canadians.

LinkedMoms and Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Twitter Party– SAVE THE DATE–Apr. 15 @ 8 PM ET

ParkbridgeLifeSave The Date

We are so very excited to share the news that LinkedMons and Parkbridge Lifestyles Communities will be hosting a Twitter Party on Wednesday, April 15 at 8 pm ET/5PT.  Both Paula (Inkscrblr) and I (@DownshiftingPRO) had a wonderful stay last summer at the Lake of Wasaga Beach Resort.  Our families loved all of the wonder amenities and the location – on Georgian Bay.  We want to share our great experience with you but more importantly we want you TO GO TOO!  You could win a mini-vacation stay this summer.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities is giving away a three night stay at one of their resorts!  Along with that, there will also be VISA gift cards to win!  So make sure to SAVE THE DATE and join us for the Party.

Follow all the Twitter handles below and follow the #ParkbridgeLife.

We are LinkedMoms @Inkscrblr and @DownshiftingPRO

Please R.S.V.P. for the @WorldVisionCanada Twitter Party–#WorldVisionGifts

LinkedMoms, Paul Schuck and Margarita Ibbott are pleased to partner with World Vision Canada for a #WorldVisionGifts Twitter Party.  We want you to party with a purpose and join us to discuss all the wonderful ways that you can re-consider gift giving this holiday season.  We will be discussing the World Vision Gift Catalogue

If you have followed along Paula’s life changing trip to Colombia with World Vision in September, you know that this wonderful NGO has provided support to countries all over the world.  Their programs have been funded by Canadians like you either through child sponsorship or through life gifts.  The World Vision Gift Catalogue provides so many different gifts that you can give to a child, a family or a community by gifting school supplies, medical supplies, livestock – chickens, pigs, goats, clean water supplies, clothing and shelter and even soccer balls (and the trainers to help with those programs).  I chose to give my family gifts because I believe in the work World Vision Canada is doing in Colombia.


IMG_20141112_185945_resized (1)

Make sure to follow all the Twitter handles below and follow the#WorldVisionGifts hashtag! 

Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time: 8:00pm -9:00pm EST



  • Star Canada and US  Star


LinkedMoms Chat with Conceivable Dreams Twitter Party Wed. November 12 at 8 pm ET–Join the Conversation

Public funding  for IVF advocate Dr. Marjorie Dixon

Many infertility patients feel routinely like they are living life on a roller coaster of emotions. Infertility is a complex health care issue that can be devastating both financially and emotionally. It is also very often extremely time sensitive. The treatment plan and the end result all depend on time. As we finish up the final months of 2014 with a promise that funding will happen some time in 2015, many patients are wondering when it will happen and what exactly the program will look like. Will there be restrictions? Waitlists? What can I expect?

If you are an infertility patient in Ontario, or someone who cares about an infertility patient, you need to join us this Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST for a Linked Moms chat about public funding for IVF. This is a very special chat with guest Dr. Marjorie Dixon, medical director at First Steps Fertility in Toronto. Dixon is a well known expert in the field of reproductive medicine. She is an advocate for funding and has been a regular guest health expert on City Line. Dixon is also an assistant professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Dixon was also consulted during the original Raising Expectations report commissioned several years ago that examined infertility and adoption policies in Ontario. LinkedMoms continues the conversation on #infertility.  Follow the #OHIP4IVF hashtag as we consult with Dr. Dixon.


Join us this Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST when we ask what should we expect from a program to fund IVF? Is there any new information? Can we afford to wait? All patients in Ontario need to be here for this special twitter party event.

Please be sure and follow Conceivable Dreams on: Twitter and Facebook.  Join the conversation using the #OHIP4IVF hashtag.

Website: Conceivable Dreams

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConceivableDreams

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OHIP4IVF

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ohip4ivf/conceivablebooks/

Please join us for this very important and fact filled hour on #OHIP4IVF:





8:00 – 9:00pm (EST)
7:00 – 8:00pm (CST)
6:00 – 7:00pm (MST)
5:00 – 6:00pm (PST)


@Linkedmoms , Conceivable Dreams @OHIP4IVF

LinkedMoms website



@inkscrblr – Paula Schuck
@inkscrblr  on Facebook
@inkscrblr  on Instagram
@inkscrblr Blog

@DownshiftingPROMargarita Ibbott
@DownshiftingPRO on Facebook

@DownshiftingPRO on Instagram
@DownshiftingPRO Blog


and finally @thexaviers Conceivable Dreams acting president and infertility advocate Danielle Xavier.

Public funding 4 IVF will help deliver health, social and fiscal benefits well into the future. #ohip4ivf #onpoli

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