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I strongly support OHIP funding for IVF.

I have been waiting so long to write this post.  It has been percolating for months.  I have thought it through eight ways to Sunday and I have wanted to share with my readers how strongly I feel about this particular issue.  But first I will explain.

It is a milestone year this year.

My eldest is graduating from high school.

In 1996 this beautiful little baby came into our lives.  She is a joy we awaited for after a devastating miscarriage. She took her own sweet time when it was time to enter this big beautiful world.  Cautious, reflective and a little bit shy.  She remains the same to this very day.IMG_0015

We saw her through 11 years of Irish Dance and four years of social justice, swim team, best buddies, cabaret and animee club.  She was involved in her school (just as both her parents were in our high school years).  We couldn’t be prouder.

IMG_0297To date she has been accepted into 3 of 5 universities that she has applied for.  We are anxiously awaiting the last two. Yesterday night she heard from her dream program: Baccalaureate in Social Sciences, Honours International Development and Globalization / Co-operative Education (French immersion). She texted me as soon as she got the email: “I GOT IN TO OTTAWA!!”

It is the year that I must let go.  I am crying already.

This is my life with my eldest child.  The child we so wanted, awaited and celebrate everyday.  She was the beginning of our family (but not the end).  She is the next generation. 

Why is this so important at this point in time? 

Because a few weeks ago, the Government of Ontario announced that will change the lives of thousands of couples and childless adults by giving them the opportunity to share the joys that I have experienced in the last 17 years – being a parent.

I’m talking about the announcement by the Honourable Deb Matthews, Health Minister, that the Government of Ontario plan to help would-be parents pay for one cycle of in vitro fertilization for all forms of infertility starting early next year. This is a huge victory for all those that have had to deal with infertility in one form or another.

Why is it so important to me?  I did not have problems getting pregnant.  Why do advocate for OHIP4IVF?

Because I think EVERYONE should have the life experiences that I have had with my daughter.  I believe that you should have the love of a child. I believe it will make us a stronger family-centered province.

What I do and don’t believe? 

I don’t believe that infertility is a lifestyle choice.  I don’t think that just because you suffered from cancer and became infertile it is a ‘lifestyle choice’.  There are people that suffer from all sorts of ailments that would prohibit them from becoming pregnant (male or female).  Infertility does not discriminate: it doesn’t decided on social class, ethnicity or gender. 

I have heard the argument that you are born with the body God gave you and you have to just have to accept it. 

I don’t  believe that God has just dealt you those cards and the decision to be a parent has been pre-ordained.  If that were true, why would he give a doctor and scientist the advance knowledge and scientific research in infertility treatments or to specialize in IVF?  If the medical knowledge is there, we should use it.  That is my belief.

I think that it strengthens our community to have strong families and building some of them through IVF makes us a better nation.  I really do believe this. You don’t have to be directly affected by infertility to know that this proposed funding by OHIP is a for IVF.

We will be discussing this topic on LinkedMoms on a special night: Tuesday, May 6th at 8 pm. Please join us to show your support of why this makes sense for families in Ontario.

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Join the discussion and you can also tweet out your support by sending out these tweets:

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Did you know 1 in 6 suffer from Infertility issues.  I support #ohip4ivf #BuildingFamilies #onpoli #LinkedMoms Join the convo.Tues. May6 8pm

Let the Premier know that you appreciate her stand on funding IVF.

Thanks @Kathleen_Wynne for adding funding for #IVF in the budget.Love that UR #buildingfamilies in Ontario.  #healthissue #onpoli #ohip4ivf


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