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April 2nd is a vey special day.  The United Nation has designated every April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD2014.  It is a day to create awareness, educate, donate and celebrate.  I recently wrote a post on The Canadian Mother Resource blog about how it came about that we found out about our son being on the Autism Spectrum. We have been working successfully to ensure that he has a positive school experience and with the help ‘of many’ he is happy in his grade 7 class at a French-as-a-first language school. 

We know that as many as 1:68 children are on the Autism Spectrum.  In order to bring light to and education to ASD many organizations are celebrating #WAAD2014.  Here are just a few that you might want to know about. 

In Canada Autism Society Canada creates awareness by just wearing BLUE on April 2, 2014: 


Another fantastic world initiative is Light It Up Blue where national landmarks are lit up in blue to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD2014.  Here are just a few examples show on the AutismSpeaksCA website.  Follow the #LIUB hashtag and #WAAD2014 tomorrow

In the US April is National Autism Awareness Month:  National Autism Awareness Month 2014 Badge Web Ready

Both Paula and I have children with special needs but more importantly we have VERY SPECIAL CHILDREN.  We love them to bits and we know that although we have challenging days, we also have very memorable days with them.

Please join us on #LinkedMoms Chat as we discuss some of the trials and joys of having an ASD Child (in my case).  We welcome any blog posts, FB posts etc. that you would like to share with our #LinkedMoms Community.


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