We are two moms connecting moms, communities and companies.

Paula and I love going to Social Media Conferences. We always want to know what is new, interesting and on point in the social media world.  There is so much information that is disseminated every day and sometimes, you just need to attend a conference to find an expert in their field to get me in ‘the know’ quickly. 

We are at Tweetstock today so we won’t be on-line at #Linkedmoms.

Tweetstock is a ‘how-to-get-it-done” social media conference. It focuses on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ a business should be in the social media space. It works to bring together creative, entrepreneurial and business minds to help you understand and learn from their success stories. You need to go if you are a small business, non-profit & charities, entrepreneur and professionals – really, anyone interested in social media.


Today I just want to be surrounded by my peeps. My life is comprised of blogging, tweeting, posting, liking, commenting, capturing and sharing. So when you have a conference that helps you do all of the above BETTER… well, you have to go. Social media has many facets and seeing how all these different platforms work as vehicles of social change, marketing ingenuity and business drives is very interesting in today’s world.

 We will be back Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 at 8 pm EST to discuss Gardening on #Linkedmoms.


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