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#LinkedMoms Chat–Mother’s Day–We are giving away some great books…Wed. May 1, 8 pm EST

We are doing a happy dance around here because it is the best time of the year…Mother’s Day is coming up and we want to celebrate.


On LinkedMoms Chat this Wednesday, May 1st we are talking about all things motherhood.  Whether you are a mother-to-be, biological mother, adoptive mother, step-mother, mother-in-law,  grandmother or simply want to toast to your mother, join us at 8 pm EST to chat about what makes moms great.

Paula is a mother of two wonderful girls (and a few guinea pigs) and her focus is ensuring that her blessings are protected and cared for.  When it comes to schooling and being an adoptive parent advocate, she knows how important it is to have a loving, stable and supportive family. Paul is a great mom.

Margarita is a mother of two teenage girls and a pre-teen boy. Life is busy and mastering the balance of being a good mom to growing (and independence-seeking) teens can be muddy at the best of times.  Dealing with Facebook, BBM friends and texting- drama while keeping it ‘cool’ can be hard but she tries…

We want to hear all about your success and ‘challenges’ as a mom (or mother-figure).  We want to know why your mom was great and why she deserves to be the mom of the year – for you!

If you join us, we will be giving TWO #LINKEDMOMS participants a Mother’s Day present… We will be giving away copies of:

S.E.C.R.E.T – A Novel by L. Marie Adeline

A great read for every mom… well, any women really. A lighter version of 50 Shades of Gray (but more empowering, I think). My book club loved reading this book. Get yourself a glass of wine and have a good read!

We will also be giving away a copy of:

Born Weird – by Andrew Kaufman

Understanding the dynamics of any family can be confusing at the best but when you throw in a bit of magical realism… the story gets very, very interesting, very fast. Enjoy this hilarious story about a few siblings and a wretched curse.

All copies are courtesy of Random House Canada and LinkedMoms. 

Join the conversation Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 8 p EST, 7 pm CST, 5 PST.

Please use the #LinkedMoms hashtag at the end of all of your tweets to be included in the conversation and to be eligible to win a prize.

DATE: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

8:00 – 9:00pm (EST)
7:00 – 8:00pm (CST)
6:00 – 7:00pm (MST)
5:00 – 6:00pm (PST)


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We would love for you to join in on the great conversation and prizes on Wednesday night. Feel free to invite a few of your friends too. Here are some tweets that you can re-tweet to share our message (just cut and paste).

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RT@LinkedMoms Discuss Mother’s Day Celebration for 2013. Join @Inkscrblr & @DownshiftingPRO on #LinkedMoms Chat May 1 @ 8 pm EST


In order to make things easier for you to follow the chat, we have created a customized TweetGrid Link so all you have to do is log in and put your @twitterhandle in the first column.

Make sure to login so that you can tweet directly from Tweetgrid using the #LinkedMoms hashtag.

Here is our Custom Tweet Grid for Tonight’s #LinkedMoms Chat

Don’t forget to RSVP for next weeks @KiskoFreezies Twitter Party… we have prizes and its going to be fun!


@KiskoFreezies Twitter Party hosted by @LinkedMoms Wed. May 8 at 8 pm EST


Q: What’s more refreshing than a Kisko Freezie after the big game?

A: A twitter party about Kisko Freezies, in which you can also win $300 worth of prizes.

We are so happy to bring to you this great brand, a Canadian icon Kisko Freezie pops, as our guest May 8th at 8 p.m. EST. Kisko Freezies is well known at schools, because of their fundraising potential, and if you have kids then you probably also know they are 100 % safe for kids with peanut allergies. They are the go to Freezie pop for so many events and occasions.

@LinkedMoms, @inkscrblr and @DownshiftingPRO are ready to share more information about their upcoming Fun Day contest and more fun details about this great Canadian company. Did you know Kisko started as a family run business? Did you know they have some amazing and fun games over on their Kisko Freezie web site? They also have several varieties with no sugar added.

KIDS WITH backpacks

Show them some love by following their twitter feed@KiskoFreezies  and you can find them on Facebook too.

Meanwhile, if you don’t follow @LinkedMoms now is the time to get on board.  For this Twitter party, all are welcome to participate but ony Canadians residing in Canada can win the prizes.  Kisko Freezies is a Canadian Company after all.  In the mean time, pop by your local grocery store or Costco and pick up a package or box of Kisko Freezies.

Follow hosts:





and our gracious Guest:


Special Note to you keeners: One early-bird prize will be given to someone on the RSVP list. Leave your twitter handle here on the RSVP list by May 1st and you will be elligible to win a $25 Visa Gift card. So sign up today!

 LinkedMoms chats are every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Prize winners must have a Canadian address.

Fitness Goals for the Season and a #giveaway

Well the temperatures have finally started to climb and the winter clothing is coming off. Wait a second, this is a family friendly blog! Don’t go getting too excited! What I mean to say is hurray for spring the time when you put the bulky winter sweaters and coats away, clean your closet and find what’s that? Nothing fits? Spring cleaning and fitness go together in my mind because there’s nothing quite like that seasonal wardrobe overhaul to realize the spring clothing doesn’t look quite the way it did last year. So, what’s a gal to do? Well, she turns to her friends and family on Twitter and Facebook and throws down a fitness challenge.

This week on Linked Moms we are talking all about fitness. So bring your ideas, best intentions and even your delayed resolutions and tell us what are you doing to get fit this season? At my house, my entire family is well versed in the active fit way of life. My girls Payton and Ainsley, are active. My husband is a fitness and nutrition snob, and has been for the last year. He tsk tsk’s when I buy potato chips or some other snack that he can’t resist. Anyways, my point is that we’ve all been active for a long time here at my house. But over the winter, I have found five pounds on my butt and my hips that I can’t quite shake. Fitness after 40, well that’s a whole other ball game as far as I am concerned. So, this is me renewing my commitment to fitness. The year has been epic busy here. No question, I am managing mutliple clients and the social media management business has never been better. But that also means I find a litle less time to get out the door and into the gym to hit the machines, or join the pilates class that was a very regular part of my routine. So for my fitness challenge this season I chose the squat challenge. Simply put it’s 30 days of squats. Each day gets progressively harder and by end of month (I am guessing that’s very liberal and really should probably be 2-3 months) my butt and thighs should be stronger and less jiggly let’s say. You can read more about it and see the graphic of how to do squats over on thriftymommastips.com.

Where can you learn more? Well, join the chat tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Twitter and tell us your goals. In the meantime also pop by my blog thriftymommastips to win a $100 gift card to Lululemon. Good luck. See you tonight! Follow the hashtag #linkedmoms

We’re having a PARTY and you’re invited! @KiskoFreezies May 8th #linkedmoms

We are very excited to let you know that we will be having a fun and prized filled party with a spring & summer Canadian Classic: Kisko Freezies! Nothing says fun in the sun like having an ice cold Kisko Freezie on the hot summer day.


We want you to ‘save the date and join us on #LinkedMoms

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th, 2013 at 8 pm EST.

We will have some GREAT, GREAT, GREAT prizes! Come and spend an hour with LinkedMoms@Inkscrblr and @DownshiftingPRO and @KiskoFreezies!

Kisko Freezies

Don’t let this cool spring weather get you down… Look forward to a warm nights and hot days in the sun with a Kisko Freezie. We also have another great surprise for our community, Kisko Freezies has a great contest for your school… we’ll have more details coming soon. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to be ‘in the know’.

We will see you very soon and make sure to Save the Date:

On #LinkedMoms on WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th at 8 pm EST

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