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Happy First Day of Spring! Clearly, my daughter looks a little less than impressed with the get up I put on her a couple of years ago. No, I am not some crazy mama that dresses up her kids and pets just for a laugh. Or am I? Well, I guess you need to come to our chat tonight to find out. I am super excited for March to explode into April showers and flowers and Easter because honestly I am tired of the cold weather. It’s so snowy here still. But at the same time it hasn’t been consistently cold enough to have endless hours of skating fun and hot chocolate and tubing. I say if you are going to live in Canada and do winter embrace it with zest and passion. So typically in years gone by we have spent hours skating outdoors. Well, this year all the rinks melted. While my kids got to go tobogganing I did not. It was a dud of a winter and now it has overstayed its welcome. So I say bring on the spring weather and let’s chat all things Easter. Bunnies and chocolate and special meals and family, and even an Easter Egg hunt. Bring it on. Bring your pins and posts and tips and thoughts to our twitter chat tonight. Let’s talk Easter!

Hosted by @downshiftingpro

@inkscrblr and @linkedmoms

At 8 p.m. on Twitter #linkedmoms

I can’t wait to share some of the incredible pins I am pinning to my Spring Showers Pinterest board. What will you be doing this Easter?


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