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LinkedMoms Learning Toys Twitter Party March 6th


LinkedMOMs are celebrating spring and March break with a Learning Toys Canada Twitter Party. Join @inkscrblr @linkedmoms and @downshiftingPRO as we launch @learningtoys_ca on social media and give away a few prizes too.

We know how you all love a great twitter party.

This one is Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 8 p.m. EST on twitter. (That’s the regular Linked Moms chat time and we are the happy hosts.)

There will be four great prizes given away during the one hour chat. All toys your children will love. Learning Toys is a caring Canadian company http://www.twitter.com/learningtoys_ca whose owners I have come to adore. These are ladies who believe quality toys last and are timeless as well. This is a company that believes in giving back and stocking toys that are socially responsible and environmentally responsible too. Nothing here falls apart after one use.

Learning Toys Canada has a philosophy of play that goes like this – parents help power their children’s play. How do they do that? By providing opportunities to explore, engage and learn, by stocking a child’s room and life with toys that are good quality and designed to spur creativity, build their abilities and help grow strong brains and bodies.

Learning Toys Canada has a great site that has been around for quite some time and has two walk in storefront locations. One is in Mississauga and the other is in Montreal (Westmount). The site itself stocks great brands like Plan Toys, which is an industry pioneer in manufacturing socially and environmentally responsible products. There is a little bit of everything here from Bruder toys to Calico Critters and science kits. Oh, and can’t forget those Kettler tricycles which are perfect for spring!! Learning Toys Canada celebrates differences and stocks a great number of sensory toys and various items for special needs children. (I confess this is what makes me love them even more. Their toys help build everyone’s abilities.) Toys are clearly labelled by category of age, Brand, and play style.

Learning Toys Canada also stocks the full line of Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobiles, which are completely washable and sterilizable. They also appeal to children who have visual impairments. Learning Toys Canada has donated several of the stim mobiles to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. The Wimmer Ferguson stim mobile is one of the only choices for hospitals like Sick Kids because it is completely washable and can be sterilized.

Join us on March 6th at 8 p.m. EST to learn even more about Learning Toys. Please leave a comment here, or on one of our blogs http://www.thriftymommastips.com/

RSVP – prizes are only open to Canadians. See you there.

The prizes are: Calico Critters, Plan Toys firetruck, Plus Plus Midi or Mini (depending on the age of your child) super hot building toys and my favourite – a Kimochis Cat. Kimochis is Japanese for feelings and each one of these stuffed toys also comes with three stuffed emotions that help facilitate communication about difficult topics like sadness, or how do you get over having your feelings hurt.

Please show Learning Toys. ca some love.

Visit their web site, like them on Facebook, follow their Pinterest boards and follow them on twitter.

To win: You have to be at the party actively taking part. Please follow @linkedmoms @inkscrblr @learningtoys_ca and @downshiftingPRO You will need to answer questions. You need to RSVP here in this link so we know who to expect. Leave a comment here too please, just to be nice (not necessary to win) You must be Canadian to win, but Americans are welcome to take part in the party.

Party hosts not responsible for shipping.


March Break Madness – #linkedMoms

It’s almost time. Can you believe it? How is it possible that it’s almost March Break? 

Well, regardless of where the last two months have gone, the fact is March Break is right around the corner and what on earth are you to do with all that spare time? (Chuckle)

Well, there isn’t any spare time here at my house. For sure. My oldest daughter, Payton, performs with Original Kids and she is in the March break run of The Little Mermaid Junior Musical. So we have been there every week for the last two months – three days a week – and the play is almost ready for the big reveal. Well, I hope it is anyways. Fingers crossed and break a leg etc. (Wait now I know where my time went. Three days a week, two months, You do the math.)

Tonight @downshiftingpro and I @inkscrblr hit the twitter circuit again with the LinkedMOMs chat at 8 p.m. EST. So bring your best ideas, links thoughts and concepts. We want to know what are you doing for March break? Sigh _ I wish I were heading off on a plane to some exotic locale. But that’s another chat, another time, same channel. 


 Are you in a play, like my daughter? Or a tournament like my husband and other daughter? Will your kids chill? Or head off to day camp? Will you travel? Sightsee? Head to Nasa like we did two years ago. Or hit a museum exhibit like we did one March break when the amazing King Tut exhibit was in Toronto at the AGM.

Maybe you will find yourself walking Las Vegas Boulevard? 

Bring your brains, your wit and your happy twitter fingers, and we will happily chat March break madness with you tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Don’t forget the hashtag #linkedmoms. See you there!

#LinkedMoms Chat – Book Clubs, Books & @BookaliciousCA

Recently I read a wonderful blog post written by Wanda Lynne Young (@BookaliciousCA on twitter) about her 2013 Book Recommendations.  I love, love, love reading and I am always on the search for a good book. I belong to a book club and this year we’ve tackled some of Wanda’s favourites: The Winter Palace, The Night Circus, One Good Hustle and the very exciting (and enticing) S.E.C.R.E.T.  Thanks to Random House Canada my book club will be discussing this newly released novel by L. Marie Adeline (stay tuned for a full book review after the book club meets). 

This week we are very excited to have Wanda Young join us for an exciting hour discussing books we loved in 2012, books we are looking forward to reading in 2013 and of course… your book suggestions.


Join the conversation Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 8 p EST, 7 pm CST, 5 PST by following the #LinkedMoms.

Please use the #LinkedMoms hashtag at the end of all of your tweets to be included in the chat and to be eligible to win a prize.

DATE: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8:00 – 9:00pm (EST)
7:00 – 8:00pm (CST)
6:00 – 7:00pm (MST)
5:00 – 6:00pm (PST)


Follow us on Twitter @LinkedMoms

Wanda Lynne Young is @BookaliciousCA on Twitter
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We would love for you to join in on the great conversation and prizes on Wednesday night. Feel free to invite a few of your friends too. Here are some tweets that you can re-tweet to share our message.

RT@LinkedMoms- Join us for #LinkedMoms Chat w. @Inkscrblr & @DownshiftingPRO We are talking about #Books2013- Wed.Feb. 6, 8 PM EST/5PM PST

RT@LinkedMoms Discuss your favourite books for 2013. Join @bookaliciousCA on #LinkedMoms Chat Feb.6 @ 8 pm EST


In order to make things easier for you to follow the chat, we have created a customized TweetGrid Link so all you have to do is log in and put your @twitterhandle in the first column.

Make sure to login so that you can tweet directly from Tweetgrid using the #LinkedMoms hashtag.

Here is our Custom Tweet Grid for Tonight’s #LinkedMoms Chat

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