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Twitter Chat Invitation: Join me Wednesday, May 16, 2012 for #Organizing Families with Professional Organizer, Margarita Ibbott or on Twitter @DownshiftingPOS – We have a prize for one lucky winner – One Hour of Virtual Organizing Consultation–

Our #LinkedMoms community always want to know how to get more out of life. Know how to get and stay organized is one way of giving us more time with our families. Join us as we discussed how we keep the clutter at bay and how regular routines can help. Margarita Ibbott has been helping families, students, seniors, executives and small business for the last 7 years as a Professional Organizer in London, Ontario, Canada.

She will be join us on Wednesday, May 16th at 8 pm EST to discuss #organizing techniques, tips & tricks.

You can win a one hour virtual organizing consultation with Margarita by retweeting any of the promo tweets below, following @LinkedMoms @Inkscrblr and @DownshiftingPOS and by answering at least two questions during the party!


Margarita Ibbott is:@DownshiftingPOS

@DownshiftingPOS on FaceBook
@DownshiftingPOS Blog

@DownshiftingPOS on LinkedIN

@DownshiftingPOS on Pinterest

Please use the hashtags at the end of all of your tweets to be included in the chat and to be eligible to win prize the virtual organizing consultation.

#LinkedMoms #Organizing

Wednesday, May 16, 2011

8:00 – 9:00pm (EST)
7:00 – 8:00pm (CST)
6:00 – 7:00pm (MST)
5:00 – 6:00pm (PST)


@inkscrblr on FaceBook
@inkscrblr on YouTube
@inkscrblr Blog

We would love for you to join in on the great conversation and prizes on Wednesday night. Feel free to invite a few of your friends too. Here are some tweets that you can re-tweet to share our message.

RT@LinkedMoms- Join us for an #organizing Chat w. @DownshiftingPOS and @inkscrblr at #LinkedMoms Chat Wed. May 16 8 PM EST/7PM CST/5PM PST

RT@LinkedMoms – Did you know you could win an hour with a Professional Organizer? Join LinkedMoms Chat on Wed. May 16 @ 8 pm – #organizing

RT@LinkedMoms – Make sure to join #LinkedMoms Chat tonight at 8pm EST to win a #virtual #organizing consultation.


In order to make things easier for you to follow the chat, we have created a customized TweetGrid Link so all you have to do is log in and put your @twitterhandle in the last column.

Make sure to login so that you can tweet directly from Tweetgrid.

Here is our Custom Tweet Grid for Tonight’s #LinkedMoms #Organizing Chat

You need to attend the #LinkedMoms Chat and RT at least one of the promo tweets (see above) and answer at least two questions to be eligible. You must also follow:
@LinkedMoms, @DownshiftingPOS and @Inkscrblr.

The winner will be randomly chosen from those eligible and will receive a DM with the details so make sure to follow @LinkedMoms to be win.


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